- What is Pikan.io?

Pikan.io is an online multiplayer game, you play as a triangle-shaped character with a tail, your tail can hold triangle-shaped ammo, your goal is to shoot down the head of other players with your ammo. You can move your player arround using the cursor of the mouse, you can shoot using the left click of the mouse and speed up using the right click or the Space button on the keyboard.

After shooting, your ammo will return back to your tail after a little while (5 seconds), the range of ammo depend of your score, be careful to do not abuse of the boost to avoid losing mass continuously! The more you kill, the more you get ammo on your tail and your size increase. Avoid to get touch by a bigger player than you, he will have the advantage in case of collision!

- Feedback

If you have any suggestions, feedback, positive or negative on Pikan.io don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]